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By purchasing and enrolling in this course, you will have access for one year to all our OnDemand training content. That includes the following courses, along with any new courses we add during your subscription. Before you purchase, you can find descriptions of these courses in our store.

Please note: You might not be able to access your courses immediately; the system can take up to  30 minutes after purchase is complete to process the new subscription. Please be patient for this process.

  • Administrator Training: CDP Private Cloud Base
  • Apache NiFi Anti-Patterns
  • AWS Fundamentals for CDP Public Cloud
  • CDP Data Governance with SDX: Implementing Regulatory Compliance on the Cloudera Data Platform
  • CDP Data Visualization Training
  • CDP Public Cloud Administration
  • Cloudera Data Analyst Training
  • Cloudera Data Platform: CDP for CDH Administrators
  • Cloudera Data Platform: CDP for HDP Administrators
  • Cloudera Data Science Workbench Training
  • Cloudera DataFlow: Flow Management with Apache NiFi
  • Cloudera Essentials for CDP
  • Cloudera Machine Learning Training
  • Cloudera Operational Database Fundamentals
  • Cloudera Search Training
  • Cloudera Training for Apache HBase
  • Data Warehousing in Cloudera Data Platform
  • Developer Training for Apache Spark and Hadoop
  • Introduction to Apache Kudu
  • Introduction to Cloudera Data Warehouse: Self-Service Analytics in the Cloud with CDP
  • Introduction to Cloudera Machine Learning
  • Just Enough Git
  • Just Enough Python
  • Just Enough Scala
  • Streaming Processing, Management, and Analytics with CDF, including:
    • Cloudera DataFlow: Data-in-Motion Overview
    • Apache Kafka Basics
    • Developing Apache Kafka Client Applications with Java  
    • Cloudera Streams Messaging Manager
    • Cloudera Schema Registry
    • Managing Apache Kafka Clusters with Cloudera Manager
    • Cloudera Kafka Security
    • Apache Kafka Connect

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