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Course Length
4 hours

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About This Course

Cloudera Data Science Workbench Training prepares learners to complete data science and machine learning projects using Cloudera Data Science Workbench (CDSW).

Course Length

This module includes over 4 hours of video content. Exercises are brief and require the learner to have access to a CDSW environment on a CDP cluster running Apache Spark 2. 

Audience and Prerequisites

This OnDemand course is designed for learners at organizations using CDSW under a trial license or a commercial license. The learner must have access to a CDSW environment on a CDP cluster running Apache Spark 2. Some experience with data science using Python or R is helpful but not required. No prior knowledge of Spark or other Hadoop ecosystem tools is required.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Navigate CDSW’s web user interface
  • Create projects in CDSW and edit them according to your needs
  • Edit and run Python code using the built-in editor, JupyterLabs, or a third-party editor
  • Load and transform data in CDSW using popular Python or R package, and using Apache Spark
  • Work with large-scale data using Apache Spark with PySpark
  • Schedule workloads and implement a job dependency chain
  • Implement a machine learning workflow, starting with analyzing and visualizing data, then training and testing a model
  • Measure and track versions of a model using CDSW's Experiments capability
  • Deploy models as REST API endpoints serving predictions using CDSW’s Models capability
  • Create custom applications and dashboards that can be shared in and outside your team
  • Work collaboratively using CDSW together with Git


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Cloudera OnDemand and ILT Certificate (Centered, Updated)

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This is a good training. I enjoyed this.
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