CDP Building AI Applications with CML



Course Length
40 mins

OnDemand Moderation



About This Course

This course is part of the Skillup series.

Learn how typical AI-Centric' challenges are addressed with CDP Machine Learning.

This course includes 40 minutes of video content including a demonstration on customer churn.

Audience and Prerequisites

This OnDemand course is suitable for data engineers, data analysts, developers, and data scientists 



Through narrated lecture and a demonstration, you will learn:

  • Key challenges organizations face on modern data usage
  • Solutions to these key challenges
  • How to quickly start your projects using Applied Machine Learning Prototypes (AMPS)
  • How CML supports all phases of the ML lifecycle

Added about 2 months ago, by Dima
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Added 4 months ago, by Shady
Added 4 months ago, by Luis
good overview
Added 5 months ago, by azis
Added 5 months ago, by Mothiram
Added 5 months ago, by Lorenzo
Added 7 months ago, by Remon
Added 8 months ago, by Anonymous
What I wanted was step-by-step guidance about how to create and deploy AI app with CML, but this course wasn't designed to serve that purpose. I might have taken a wrong course.
Added 9 months ago, by Sascha

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