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Welcome to our Introduction Series for Cloudera Education. The following contains excerpts from a course that is part of our full OnDemand Training Library. The complete library is available for purchase. Upon completion you will see a path to continue your Cloudera training journey. Many courses include hands-on labs and the OnDemand library comes with 100 hands-on lab hours to practice the concepts and exercises taught. Please enjoy this section of your selected course to help you on your data journey.

Disclaimer - The following descriptions and objectives are for the full course.

About This Course

Cloudera's OnDemand training course for CDP Private Cloud Base provides the fundamental knowledge necessary to carry out the planning, provisioning, configuration, monitoring, and management tasks required of an administrator for the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) as a bare metal deployment or as the base for a Private Cloud deployment.

Course Length

This course includes over 7 hours of video content. Hands-on exercises will take approximately 9.5 hours. 

Audience and Prerequisites

This course is best suited to systems administrators who have at least basic Linux experience. Prior knowledge of CDP, nor earlier platforms such as Cloudera’s CDH or Hortonworks HDP, is not required.

Note: If you do have experience with CDH or HDP as an administrator, you might prefer Cloudera Data Platform: CDP for CDH Administrators or Cloudera Data Platform: CDP for HDP Administrators.


Through instructor-led discussion and demonstrations, you will learn how to:

  • Install Cloudera Manager
  • Use Cloudera Manager to install a CDP Private Cloud Base cluster
  • Configure and monitor the cluster using Cloudera Manager
  • Understand, evaluate, and select the most appropriate data storage option
  • Optimize cluster performance
  • Perform routine cluster maintenance tasks
  • Detect, troubleshoot, and repair problems with the cluster

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Very useful as introduction
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