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Welcome to our Introduction Series for Cloudera Education. The following contains excerpts from a course that is part of our full OnDemand Training Library. The complete library is available for purchase. Upon completion you will see a path to continue your Cloudera training journey. Many courses include hands-on labs and the OnDemand library comes with 100 hands-on lab hours to practice the concepts and exercises taught. Please enjoy this section of your selected course to help you on your data journey.

Disclaimer - The following descriptions and objectives are for the full course.

About This Course

This course for Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) administrators teaches the skills and practices needed to configure solutions that meet the most demanding technical audit standards. The course is built around a recommended project plan for CDP administrators. The first project stage is implementation of Perimeter Security by installing host level security and Kerberos. The second project stage protects data by implementing Transport Layer Security via Auto-TLS and data encryption using Key Management System and Key Trustee Server (KMS/KTS). The third project stage controls access for users and data using Ranger and Atlas. The fourth stage teaches visibility practices for auditing of systems, users, and data usage. The final project stage analyzes applications in terms of vulnerabilities and introduces CDP practices for risk management in a fully secured Cloudera Data Platform.

Course Length

This module includes 6 hours of video content. In order to complete the self-paced exercises for this course, students must have access to CDP through their organization.

Audience and Prerequisites

This module is designed for Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) administrators. Access to a working Cloudera Data Platform is required in order to follow along with the exercises. Prerequisites for this course include

  • CDP Admin for Private Cloud
  • Intermediate skills with Linux, including file system command-line interface (CLI) and command line text editors (vi)
  • Working knowledge of Transport Layer Security (TLS), Kerberos, and encryption ciphers
  • Operational experience with administrating a Hadoop cluster


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Present a detailed plan for building secure CDP clusters
  • Discuss the theory underpinning CDP Secure by Design
  • Understand CDP Reference Architecture and CDP Recommended Practices for
    building CDP Secure by Design
  • Provide the project outline to write a run book

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