Enabling Generative AI for the Enterprise



Course Length
45 mins

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About This Course

This course helps you understand the new frontier of Generative AI. Cloudera has several unique advantages that position us as the perfect partner to extract maximum value from Large Language Models (LLMs) with your own proprietary or regulated data, without the risk of exposing it.

This course presents topics such as:

  • How to use open source pre-trained LLM models to build a chatbot web application with your enterprise  data on Cloudera Machine Learning.
  • Host open source generative AI applications
  • Data Ownership and Accuracy Concerns 

Course Length

This course includes about an hour of video content.

Audience and Prerequisites

This course is designed for anyone who is interested in CML and AI.


Through narrated lecture and recorded demonstrations, you will learn how to:

  • Use an open source pre-trained LLM model to build a chatbot web application with your enterprise data on Cloudera Machine Learning

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