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About This Course Whether new to or experiences with Cloudera, hear from Cloudera experts how CDP and Cloudera Data Services transform business.  See how Cloudera's hybrid data platform uniquely provides the building blocks to deploy all modern data architecture with data anywhere. Use Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) for the Public Cloud to connect to any data source, to process data, and deliver data to any destination through a cloud-native service powered by Apache NiFi. Learn to control data distribution while allowing flexibility to deliver data from and to anywhere. See how Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) streamlines and operationalizes data pipelines at scale. Discover how to easily transform all data into meaningful business insights with Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW). Learn how Cloudera Operational Database (COD) can be used to build real-time applications by consuming data from Kafka and serving it up to web applications. Discover the freedom on Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) to accelerate data-driven decision making from research to production with a secure, scalable, and open platform for ML. Enabling next-gen architecture with Apache Iceberg. Cloudera enables an open data lakehouse using multi-function analytics with Apache Iceberg's powerful table format. Course Length This course includes 7 hours of video content. Audience and Prerequisites Whether new to or experienced with Cloudera, this is an excellent opportunity to review the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) from A to Z and hear from Cloudera experts on how CDP and Cloudera Data Services transform businesses.   Read more

About This Course This course is part of the Skillup series. Learn about the latest features of Cloudera Operational Database, a cloud-native Data Service for CDP.  Learn how to build real-time applications consuming data from Kafka and serving up to a web application. This content is a part of Cloudera Partner Network's bi-weekly technical enablement series, Skill Up.  Reach out to your Partner Manager for more details. Audience and Prerequisites This OnDemand course is suitable for administrators and developers Read more

About This Course This course is part of the Skillup series. This video demonstrates how to set-up a real-time data visualization solution. The demo includes real-time twitter feeds and utilizes NiFi, Hive and S3 to process and store the data. Trends are monitored using DataViz. Audience and Prerequisites This OnDemand course is suitable for data engineers and data analysts   Read more

During this course, you'll learn the key concepts behind the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), Cloudera's next-generation platform and the world's first implementation of the Enterprise Data Cloud. You'll learn how CDP originated, how it enables both business teams and IT staff to be more productive, and understand its capabilities for turning data into actionable insight. Additionally, this course showcases an edge-to-AI use case, including stories from two customers who have successfully implemented it using Cloudera's technologies. Course Topics Through video lectures, interviews, demonstrations, and customer stories, participants will explore the Enterprise Data Cloud and Cloudera Data Platform, learning topics such as: Which characteristics define the Enterprise Data Cloud What the Cloudera Data Platform is and what capabilities it provides How the Cloudera Data Platform supports both on-premises and cloud-based deployments Audience and Prerequisites This course is ideal for anyone who wants to understand the concept of the Enterprise Data Cloud and learn how the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) builds on this concept to deliver a consistent experience from the data center to the cloud. The course is designed for a business-oriented audience, including such roles as CTOs, CIOs, IT management, and system architects. Although it doesn't require any technical expertise from participants, it will also appeal to administrators, data engineers, data scientists, data analysts, data stewards, and those in similar roles who want to understand the Cloudera Data Platform. Read more

About This Course This course is part of the Skillup series. The modern day data explosion has to be met with new solutions and Cloudera is excited to introduce the next generation table format for large scale analytic datasets within CDP.  This course includes 40 minutes of video content including demonstrations. Audience and Prerequisites This OnDemand course is suitable for data engineers, data analysts, developers, data scientists and administrators.     Read more

Welcome to our Introduction Series for Cloudera Education. The following contains excerpts from a course that is part of our full OnDemand Training Library. The complete library is available for purchase. Upon completion you will see a path to continue your Cloudera training journey. Many courses include hands-on labs and the OnDemand library comes with 100 hands-on lab hours to practice the concepts and exercises taught. Please enjoy this section of your selected course to help you on your data journey. Disclaimer - The following descriptions and objectives are for the full course. About This Course This course helps customers use Cloudera Data Platform to address data governance tasks, motivated by the need for compliance to regulations such as GDPR (UK) and HIPAA (US). The course focuses on using Apache Atlas and Ranger, and the Data Catalog service when available. Course Length This course includes approximately 4 hours of video lectures, demonstrations, and exercises. Hands-on exercises will take approximately 4 hours.  Audience and Prerequisites This course is intended for CDP users who focus on regulatory compliance or other data governance activities. Read more

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