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Apache Ozone is the next-generation hybrid storage service offering versatility and out-of-the-box compatibility. Ozone is an object storage format exceeding the limitations of HDFS. This course teaches architecture, internal operations, installation, file system usage, best practices, security, maintenance, monitoring, tuning and testing.

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What you'll learn

This course teaches the Ozone internal architecture and how to install, use, maintain, monitor, tune, integrate, and test the the Ozone service in a secure environment.

Participants will gain the following skills:

  • Understanding the Benefits of Using Ozone
  • Installing and Configuring Secure Ozone
  • Managing Files and Objects in Ozone
  • Performance Tuning and Doing Baseline Tests
  • Controlling Replication and Understanding Failover and Recovery
  • Performing Maintenance Tasks 
  • Monitoring Ozone Using Recon Service
  • Integrating Hive, Impala, Spark, Nifi, and Flink with Ozone
  • Migrating Data from HDFS to Ozone

What to expect

This advanced course is for administrators who are currently using CDP Private Cloud Base. The course will appeal to technicians, such as data engineers and applications developers, who are migrating data and applications to Apache Ozone. Prior experience of Cloudera Data Platform, to include HDFS, YARN, and Hive, is expected. Students must have access to the Internet to reach the classroom environments, which are located on Amazon Web Services.


DATE: 26th-29th March 2024

Virtual Classroom, EMEA

9:00 - 17:00 London Timezone



By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Cloudera OnDemand and ILT Certificate (Centered, Updated)

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